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Patents of Christian Prehofer

Grantet Patents (Patent families, some are granted in several countries)

  1. Method and apparatus for determining premises semantics, US000009803986B2 
  2. Location information verification, US 9154301 
  3. Method and apparatus for visually indicating location probability, US 8966390 B2
  4. Service mobility for composed components, US000008046429
  5. Verfahren zum Aufbau von Verbindungen mit garantierter Dienstgüte für ein Kommunikationsnetz mit einem Ressourcenmanager, EP000001319287
  6. Accounting in ad-hoc networks, EP000001599973, JP4268140 
  7. Apparatus for detecting and bypassing unauthorized nodes in a distributed ad-hoc network, JP4420941
  8. Resource reservation in a wireless network with distributed medium access control, US7693122
  9. Method and apparatus for obtaining virtual coordinates, EP1883185
  10. Method and apparatus to integrate routing between administrator operated networks and self-organizing networks, EP000001568179
  11. Method and apparatus for switching network modes, JP4302130
  12. Device and apparatus for session setup in dynamic networks, JP4303738
  13. Accounting in ad-hoc networks, JP4268140
  14. Method and apparatus for context based switching between reactive and proactive group header selection, EP000001742426
  15. Inter-Domain Handover, EP1649715
  16. Communication between fixed terminals of an IPv4 private network and an IPv6 global network interconected through the IPv4-Internet, EP1661325
  17. Terminal mobility for global IPv4/global IPv6 transition, EP1661354
  18. Apparatus and method for improved handover in mesh networks, EP000001739894
  19. Adaptive forwarding system operable in a repeater and router mode, EP000001726130
  20. Reconfiguration of a group of network nodes in an ad-hoc network, EP000001532791
  21. Accurate control of transmission information in ad hoc networks, EP000001656770
  22. Proactive deployment of decision mechanism for optimal handover, EP1512306
  23. Output-device action call-up by mobile radio devices, EP000001476855 
  24. Reconfiguration of heterogeneous, programmable platforms, EP000001584209
  25. Optimized mobility management based on location related context, EP000001557062 
  26. Method for switching connections between at least two subregions of a packet-oriented network, US 7072301, EP000001152580
  27. Method and device for controlling access to a communications network, EP1249154
  28. Method and arrangement for checking whether the use of a service is permissible, EP1266496 
  29. Method for the allocation of a quality of service for a packet flow, AU751944 
  30. Method for re-routing data packets from a packet transmitting network to at least one other network, EP1103122 
  31. Verfahren zum Aufbau einer Verbindung mit vorgegebener Dienstgüte, DE000010038878
  32. Method for providing a stable quality of data services within a packet-switching network, US000006958974 
  33. Verfahren zur Bereitstellung einer stabilen Dienstgüte für Datendienste, EP000001142222 
  34. Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur automatischen Benutzerprofil-Konfiguration, DE 101 44 023

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